This is Arts Derbyshire

This is a map of the creative county.
It shows who makes what, and where.
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This is Arts Derbyshire

This is a map that shows the distribution (or concentration, depending on which way you look at it) of artists and arts organisations in Derbyshire.

It was created using the database of registered artists at, and is a visualisation of their Find An Artist database. To help us get a better picture of how creative the county really is, register at Arts Derbyshire so that we can add you to the map.

How to Use

Type your postcode in the search box to find what artists and arts organisations work in your area. You can filter the results by selecting which type of art to view, and whether it is an individual or an organisation.

The coloured circles with numbers inside represent clusters of creatives. This helps us to view where the highest concentrations of artists reside in the county.

You can use the map to find neighbouring artists, or to find areas in the county that have strong creative communities or, to look at it another way, where lacks an artistic practitioner of a particular craft.

If you have an idea about new uses for this map or the data used to create it, contact us at

About the Project

This Is Arts Derbyshire is a project by Mudlark, a Derby based cross-platform production company. It is part of an ongoing research project called Making Future Work, funded by Broadway Nottingham and Arts Council England. Mudlark's research focuses on Open Public Data and its uses in the creative sector.

The anonymised data was provided by Arts Derbyshire on Mudlark's request. For more information please contact

Lead Producer

Richard Birkin

Data Wrangling & Map Development

Matt Watkins

Web Design

James Rice